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Astro Vaast your search for the best and most experienced Astro consultancy at affordable fees ends here. AstroVaast, India’s leading online astrology and remedy solution provider offers an immediate consultation astrological platform. AstroVaast continues to be a hub of experienced astrologers who provide immediate consultations on any topic of importance to customers over the phone.

Astro Vaast maintains complete privacy and confidentiality for each individual customer. And provide quality and genuine solutions to problems by allowing users to choose from a list of qualified astrologers whose credentials are also displayed on the screen, users can also take advantage of a variety of other astrology services.

Astro Vaast believes that astrological science is a useful tool for understanding ourselves and others. Customers can ask qualified astrologer’s questions, have the individual horoscopes, and of the prospective bride and groom matched, get zodiac sign forecasts, and a variety of additional services. providing web-based astrology solutions and services such as free daily and weekly astrology forecasts, online horoscopes and astrological reports, expert astrologer consultation, and tarot readings are a few of our many services that we offer.

Astro Vaast provides customers with the opportunity to speak with reputable expert astrologers about any of their difficulties. Some of the concerns may be too delicate and intimate for them to write about, even in electronic form. Consultation over phone offers scope to speak freely with an astrologer and receive answers, clarifications, and assistance to help them overcome problems and go forward in life.

Astro Vaast provides skilled astrology consultation services by analyzing horoscopes, determining any unfavorable planet placements, and evaluating Doshas, or illnesses. At Astro Vaast, visitors can expect precise and informative predictions. We also offer services like advice on current planetary positions and transits, among others. Apart from that, they also offer instant online astrological consultations through phone and live chat, as well as a variety of periodic and issue-based reports.

Our Expert Team of Astrologers and Tarot Readers

These are a few of our many listed astrologers and Tarot readers.

Astrologer Yogendra 2
Profile - Pragyan Paramita Das

Our Services:

Talk to astrologer:

To talk to our expert astrologers charges are Rs. 149 / 30 min.

Areas where consultation is offered

  1. Personal problems
  2. Professional
  3. Health related
  4. Emotions
  5. Travel
  6. Luck

Steps to talk to astrologer:

  1. Select an astrologer
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Confirm your booking
  4. Make payment
  5. Talk to astrologer at the fixed time.


  1. We offer daily, weekly and monthly horoscope